Tuesday, June 21, 2011


11 Kekosongan Jawatan:   Swasta / Private

Sarawak Energy Berhad is committed to achieve her vision to become a world class energy provider for the Region with competitive cost structure and organisational excellence to sustain long term shareholders’ value. In her quest for excellence, Sarawak Energy Berhad is inviting aspiring, motivated and talented with high level of commitment applicants to apply for career opportunity with this company. The company now employs more than 2700 employees with its operation covers the whole state of Sarawak. The company believes that human resource is the most important asset and shall continue to invest in it. Over the years Sarawak Energy has been prominently regarded as one of the best employers in the State. As a responsible and caring employer, Sarawak Energy Berhad offers a competitive remuneration package and fringe benefits. In addition, the company continuously strives to motivate its employees by offering incentives and rewards. The company also provides continuous training to ensure that its human resource is competent and kept up-to-date with advancement in technology. The company subscribes to the concept of life-long learning.

1. Senior Manager (PPA Management), Grade E6
2. Senior Manager (Competency Training), Grade E6
3. Manager (Technical Operations), Grade E5
4. Manager, Customer Service (Key Accounts), Grade E5
5. Manager (Transport), Grade E5
6. Manager (Safety) - Project Execution Dept, Grade E5
7. Senior Mechanical Engineer, Grade E3/E4
8. Senior Accounting Officer / Account Executive, Billing, Grade E1/E2
9. Mechanical Engineer, Grade E1/E2
10. Executive, Performance Management and Competency Development, Grade E1/E2
11. Executive, Talent Management, Grade E1/E2


Closing Date : 29 June 2011

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