Sunday, October 23, 2011


4 Kekosongan Jawatan:   Swasta / Private

Driven by a strong and dynamic leadership team, together with world-class thinkers and scientists, MIMOS is adamant to transform the landscape of the indigenous industries. With highly skilled technology experts, MIMOS strives to stimulate Malaysia’s economic growth by producing innovative technology platforms, which will be used by the industry to develop products and services to meet market demands. At MIMOS, we believe that innovation is the essence of the new frontiers. The tagline “Innovation for Life” speaks volumes for our relentless efforts to bring about innovations that transform and uplift human lives. MIMOS’ research, development and commercialisation focuses on nine technology clusters namely Advanced Informatics, Advanced Information Security, Advanced Analysis and Modeling, Green Technology, Grid Computing, Knowledge Technology, Micro Systems & MEMS, Nano Electronics and Wireless Communications.

1. Researchers In Information Security
2. Researchers In Intelligent Automatic Knowledge Analytics And Discovery
3. Researchers In Wireless Communications
4. Researchers In Wireless Communications


Closing Date: 31 Oktober 2011

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