Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Permohonan adalah dipelawa kepada warganegara Malaysia bagi mengisi kekosongan jawatan di Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) seperti berikut : -

1.  Manager, Investment Operations and Financial Markets
2.  Forklift Driver (Contract), Kilang Wang
3.  Analyst Dealer, Investment Operations and Financial Markets
4.  Manager, Special Project (Contract), IT Services Dept
5.  First Level Executive, Special Project (Contract), IT Services
6.  Laboratory (Administrative) Officer I Quality & Counterfeit
7.  Administrative Officer
8.  Executive, Secretariat Unit in Governor Office
9.  First Level Executive, Museum, Art Gallery and KMC Services
10. First Level Executive, Financial Surveillance Department
11. First Level Executive, IT Services Department
12. First Level Executive – Statistical Services Department
13. First Level Executive (Contract), ISS Project
14. First Level Executive, Currency Management and Operations
15. Administrative Assistant – Centralised Shared Services
16. Executive, Pejabat Pengurusan Perkhidmatan Sokongan Berpusat
17. First Level Executive – Finance Department (Contract)
18. First Level Executive, Supervision Departments
19. Executive, Internal Audit Department
20. Executive, Payment Systems Policy Department
21. First Level Executive – MIFC Promotions Unit
22. Analyst, International Department
23. First Level Executive – Islamic Banking & Takaful Department
24. Administrative Clerk
25. Production Assistant (Contract)
26. First Level Executive, Economics Department
27. First Level Executive, Money Services Business Regulation
28. First Level Executive, Risk Management Department
29. First Level Executive, Strategic Communication Department
30. First Level Executive, Finance Department
31. First Level Executive, Human Resource and General Services

Tarikh Tutup Permohonan : 22 Mei 2015

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