Tuesday, November 22, 2011


7 Kekosongan Jawatan:   Badan Berkanun / GLC

Efforts to change from good to better is not easy. Thus in early 1990 that zakat collection system can be implemented systematically, using the latest technology efficiently and effectively began to happen.Hence the proposal to implement the establishment of an agency called Zakat Collection Centre submitted to the Chairman of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council, (religious council) Tan Sri Dr. Yusof Noor. Committee staff is led Dato 'Haji Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar, while the members Thean Omar Haji Abdullah, Haji Mohd Zihin Hassan and Haji Abdul Khalid Abdul Aziz. The task force began work on December 20, 1989. Among the tasks of this group gives guidance on the reciprocal study conducted by a consulting firm selected. Fundamental to the study proposed that a foundation be created by his death. The purpose of the Foundation to create the corporate form of management to operate the zakat collection efforts on behalf of the treasury of the Federal Territory.Central to this new system is a collection of procedures that are designed and adapted by the computer system involves the assessment form, zakat, the code (coding), collect information systems, payment systems, the arbitration system (check and balance), the marketing and reporting system. after a year of research, planning and implementation of the Zakat Collection Centre has been operational in early 1991. Zakat Collection Centre, Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (PPZ-religious council) is an agency established by the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (religious council). PPZ-religious council began operating on 1 January 1991 aims to collect all types of zakat. Zakat property which is the main focus is charity PPZ-religious council of income, savings alms, zakat, zakat of gold, silver zakat, zakat shares, charity Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

1. Penolong Pengurus ICT
2. Eksekutif Undang-Undang
3. Pereka Grafik
4. Eksekutif ICT
5. Eksekutif Komunikasi Korporat
6. Eksekutif Penyelidikan
7. Eksekutif Kewangan
8. Eksekutif Zakat
9. Kerani Kewangan
10. Setiausaha
11. Kerani Operasi


Closing Date: 25 November 2011

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